The Cast


His eccentric behaviour hides a mind like a steel trap. Otis is flamboyant and friendly, but never intimate. The mysteries of life, normal, paranormal, or other are his playground and also his business. His sense of fair-play is to let others do as they will. He will advise them of the consequences but let the chips fall where they may.


If Otis is the curiosities collector that everyone want to consult for knowledge, Damian is the one everyone seeks for profit. The only ways to maximize profits from artifacts by buying, selling, swindling or stealing that Damian does not know are the ones he hasn't invented yet. Damian has two kinds of relationships: satisfied costumer or victim.

OTIS VERSUS DAMIAN Otis and Damian are often in competition with each other. Damian knows that the contents of Otis's cabinet would make him a millionaire several times over. He also knows that he will never be invited there. Vice versa, Otis will never visit any of 'Damian's Discoveries' shops (twelve boutiques across Canada, now expanding into the USA)


Alice knows that a normal life is something to wish for. Hard to know where to begin when you grow up tramping after you scientist parents, looking for dinosaurs in the North Pole or testing the Mars Rover in the badlands. She's always curious and wants to know the why of things. She can adapt to any situation and keep her cool...usually.


hangs around the local gossip girls because it is expected of her but secretly she wants to be a writer and explore something different. She never told anyone this because there never was someone who would understand, or want the same thing, until now.


is the local Goth. He hates having to live in a little town. Everything around him bores him and he is always on the lookout for the magical and mysterious.


is the local nerd. He doesn't go out much, and spends his time reading and watching anything he can. He may have no real friends but he can speak Klingon. His fascination with all things fictional make him surprisingly knowledgeable in many things.


worked as governess in the mansion during the nineteen century. The fact that she died should not be allowed, in her view, to interfere with her duties. On the contrary, she appreciates that she can now scare away the riffraff.


lives in the fountain of the greenhouse. She is friendly but sometimes forget that she can look scary to others.