If it's not supposed to exist, Otis probably has it.


characters line up

The mysterious Otis specializes in finding unusual items and his house is filled with mysterious artifacts. When he does not sell them to eccentric collectors, he displays them in his cabinet of curiosities.

Alice's scientist parents left her with him while they drove across Canada on their way to a new dig in Nunavut. They were to return after a month.

They never arrived.

The month stretches into a year. Alice adapts to a new strange life in a house filled with bizarre people and objects. She has an insatiable curiosity, and Otis cannot prevent her from opening every single box, cupboard or hidden door she encounters. Gradually she and her friend Brittany find allies in a ghost governess, a mermaid, and an alien among others who help them follow the clues that will lead back to Alice's parents.

Eventually everything points to Otis's evil counterpart, the dastardly Seth Damion. Seth will stop at nothing to get what he wants. What Otis collects for love of wonder, Seth will beg, steal or swindle to add to his already vast fortune.
Seth and Otis are both after the ultimate artifact, but what is it? Was it responsible for Alice's parents disappearance? And will the grand finale involve dinosaurs, spaceships and chocolate?

Each episode introduces a new artifact, legend or unusual fact based on reality.
With past-paced adventure and humour, 'Uncle Otis's Cabinet of Curiosities' will stimulate the curiosity of its viewers while entertaining them.