Unlikely but fun

A Love Story from the Slab Web Series Proposal

Once upon a time, mad scientist Frank and mysterious witch Marcella duked it out from their lofty towers for bragging rights on who was the most powerful of the two. Frank thought he had it made when he created the perfect synthetic woman, able to charm the socks off anything living, until the mighty sorceress blasted her with a thunderbolt.


Marcella thought she won when she had her apprentice possessed by a suave demon (also able to charm the socks off anything living) but Frank poisoned him with a mutagen, turning him into a werewolf. The two creations were set to attack each other. It was love at first fright. That attack became their first date. It's Romeo and Juliet all over again, this time with laser guns, secret potions and things that go bideebee bideeboo in the night!

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